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On May 6, 1942 Mr. Morrow from the Stanislaus County Farm Mutual Insurance Company visited a group of 24 men to discuss establishing a fire department in the town of Denair. Mr. Morrow informed those in attendance that on March 25, 1942 the Stanislaus County Farm Mutual Insurance Company ordered seven fire engines from the Van Pelt Organization in Oakdale California to establish departments throughout Stanislaus County. Of those seven, the Denair Fire Department was offered the very first engine. It was decided by those in attendance to join the program and to establish a fire department. The founding Board of Directors were nominated and put into place that night as well. The founding Board of Directors were: Dave Holvick, Don Scott, Lew Burwell, Hubert Downie, Charles Pratt, Joe Domecq, and Guy Brown. It was also discussed and decided upon to build the first station.

On June 17, 1942 at 2:30pm, the first engine was delivered to the Denair Fire Department on the corner of Alameda Ave and Elm St. Accepting the engine on behalf of the Denair Fire Department was the first Fire Chief, Don Scott. This engine carried 650 feet of hose, 350 gallons of water, and had a pumping capacity of 350 gallons per minute. This engine, designated Engine 1215, can still be seen in parades and special events being attended by the Denair Fire Department.

Our vehicle inventory has changed over time as our town grows.  Included in our apparatus bay is two Type 1 Fire Engines with 750 and 1000 gallons of water each, one 105' Quint carrying 500 gallons of water, a 3000 gallon water tender, a 4x4 Type 3 Brush Truck with 500 gallons of water, a Type 2 Pumper with 750 gallons of water and two command vehicles, one that carries 200 gallons of water.

Currently our membership boasts over 20 men and women which includes two paid staff, alternating shifts, 24-hours a day, Monday through Friday, with the rest of the personnel as volunteers.  Volunteers who live out of district are required to participate in our sleeper program, which allows time for additional training and to have increased nighttime coverage for emergency calls after normal business hours.

We currently have space available on our roster, so if you feel the need to join us in helping your community, regardless of experience, we will train you for what it takes.  Click the button below to start the process!


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